Connect your Slack communications hub to automatically post messages to Slack channels when specific events occur via Cosential's Work Flow 2.0. For example, you could create a custom integration that automatically posts a message to the #general Slack channel when the status of an Opportunity changes in Cosential.

Benefits of Slack Webhook Integration

  • Choose the events you'd like to announce in Slack
  • Select which channels you want to notify
  • Provide your management team a simple data stream of progress and events that matter to them without having to log into Cosential
  • Use Slack for gamification, or celebration within teams to share client wins, or progress with new business


  1. From within you'll need to get the inbound webhook url.
    1. (for your workspace) > Apps > search for Webhooks > Inbound
    2. Select the Slack channel to which you want to add the inbound webhook  
    3. Click Add Incoming WebHook integration
    4. Copy the WebHook URL
  2. In Cosential
    1. Administration > Work Flow 2.0
    2. New Workflow
    3. Resource = Opportunity (for example)
    4. Event = select the event trigger (for example)
    5. Workflow Action tab > Add Action > Set Action > Webhook
      1. Insert Template > Webhook > Slack or simply add the variables you'd like included inside a single set of { }
      2. Add the Cosential single field variables you want to include inside the Slack template
      3. Name the Webhook
      4. Add the Slack URL from step 1.4 above to the
      5. Add your Slack credentials
    6. Event Update (filters) - add the filters to constrain which Opportunities trigger the Slack notification
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