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Cosential's integration with JDE gives users the ability to easily send JDE Project details into Cosential. JDE will create new records in Cosential populated with the data below or update existing Cosential records. This one-way data connector provides quick seamless access to the newly created JDE Projects. Avoid needless double data entry of basic Project data by integrating Cosential and JDE and ensure your marketing team has consistent up-to-date details.

To connect your financial system to Cosential, you'll work with a Cosential integration manager to select which project, personnel, company and contact data fields you'd like to connect. Your Cosential integration manager then configures your Financial Data Connector to automatically update at your specified interval, ensuring that your marketing data and materials are effortlessly kept current in Cosential.


  • All Key Financial and Marketing Fields Supported - The Financial Data Connector connects hundreds of key marketing and financial data fields, including project name (separate marketing and financial names), cost and fee data, schedule dates, consultant team members, staff, client and owner, and categorization fields such as office, division, services, contract type, SF330 codes, and custom categories.
  • Prepare Accurate Submittals Faster - Connecting your data can help ensure that your marketing department has the most complete and correct information when promoting a completed project. When project staff and personnel records are updated nightly, Marketing can be sure that the resumes they prepare have the personnel's most up-to-date project experience. When fee and cost data is refreshed via the connector, the same, accurate numbers are instantly reflected in all marketing materials that reference the project: from resumes, to project profiles, to project lists and government forms.
  • Choose the Data You'd Like to Update - We can bring in all key data fields via the financial data connector; we work with you to create a custom script that brings in the data that will be most valuable to your marketing department.
  • Add Financial Data to Marketing Data - When client, owner, consultant and personnel information are brought into Cosential via the connector, this data can be added to records created by marketing so that the complete picture of a project's relationships and personnel roles can be tracked.
  • Ensure Data Integrity with Duplicate Checking - Sophisticated data sync mapping tools for company and personnel records ensure the integrity of your data while allowing different field values to be matched correctly and prevent the creation of duplicates.
  • Update at Any Interval - The data connector can be scheduled to run nightly, at timed intervals, or in real-time.
  • Easily Customizable - The open source code, written in industry-standard PHP and MYSQL, can be modified by your firm’s IT staff.

Sample Data Mapping between Cosential and JDE (your specific mapping will be different)

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